Can I join Cricket Academy at the age of 18?

We tried to answered the most asked question about that can you join cricket after 18 or 19.
Can I join Cricket Academy at the age of 18?

Nowadays cricket has become the most popular sport in the world as the number of viewers for cricket is booming day by day. There is many new cricket league has been introduced across the world. Also, the United States has shown interest in this sport, They will host many cricket matches in their country in the near future. So this question has arrived in many youngsters that if they can join a cricket academy at the age of 18 or 19 or higher a age.

Is joining a cricket academy a limiting factor?

The one most common questions aspiring cricketers ask when contemplating joining a cricket academy is whether their age is a limiting factor. Cricket academies often welcome participants of various age groups and skill levels. While some young talents start their cricketing journey at a very early age, there are great opportunity for individuals who wish to begin their training at a later stage, even as teenagers or young adults.

Unlike certain sports where the significance is on early specialization, cricket offers a broader scope for skill development at different ages. Many successful cricketers have risen to prominence after joining academies in their teenage years or even later. Therefore, if you have passion and dedication for the sport, age should not be a significant deterrent.

Australian cricket player Brett Lee once said,” The only way you prevent injuries as a fast bowler is by bowling a lot in the nets, not by lifting weights in the gym”.
Practice a lot. Keep bowling till you’re tired and increase your workload gradually.

Brett Lee. Source: Wikipedia

Famous Australian cricketer Michael Hussey made his national team debut at the age of 30.

Michael Hussey

Indian cricketer Suryakumar Yadav debuted in the national team at the age of 31. Many prominent players started their cricket journey late.

Suryakumar Yadav

How should you start Cricket

Since you have very less time in hand for you to start cricket, you need to join a cricket academy whose coaches have lots of contacts to push you into district and state teams.

Decide what you want to be Bowler or Batsman

Almost every beginner has many flaws. Find someone to correct them. Decide which player you want to be. Before deciding anything, you should ask yourself what is best for you and in which you have strength.

In my personal opinion is that, unlike batsmen, fast bowlers can afford to join an academy late in their teens and still become quality bowlers. Years of tennis ball cricket sometimes help form a good bowling action and a very nice rhythm.

Since you have very less time in hand for you to start cricket, you need to join a cricket academy whose coaches have lots of contacts to push you into district and state teams.

Which Cricket Academy is best for you

Selecting the right cricket academy is crucial point for maximizing your potential and getting the most out of your training. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • Reputation: Look for academies with a good reputation for training and producing skilled players and providing high-quality coaching facility.
  • Coaching Staff: Check the qualifications and experience of the coaching staff. Seasoned coaches can significantly impact your development.
  • Facilities: Ensure the academy has adequate facilities for practice and also for fitness training.
  • Location: Try to find the academy near your home or school. Accessibility can affect your regular training. And also you have to spend more money on rent.
  • Cost: Compare fees of different academies and consider the value offered by each academy. Remember, quality coaching often comes at a reasonable price.

Take your time to research and visit academies of your choice to find the one that suits best with your aspirations and offers an environment for your growth as a cricketer.

With the competition these days to play for the national team, you have to be trained and ready well in advance than 18th year. If you have good training you might also try and play for U-19 WC where you might get a lot of attention if performed well. Just like Yuvraj, Kohli, and Kaif had gotten back then.

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