What is T10 cricket? Know about the Format of the league

The T10 League is a 10-over-a-side professional cricket T10 cricket, often known as Ten10 cricket, is another short form of cricket. Two teams compete in a single innings, which is limited to ten overs (60 legal balls) on each side and lasts around 90 minutes. The first competition in this format was held in December 2017, as part of the inaugural season of the T10 League in the United Arab Emirates. The league has been formally sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC). In May 2020, England cricket captain Eoin Morgan backed the notion of utilizing the format at the Olympics, as did former international cricketers Virender Sehwag and Shahid Afridi. 

How T10 cricket played: Format of the League

For those who are unfamiliar, here is a simple guide to learning T10 cricket rules and how the fastest version of the cricket game is played.


Because each team can only bowl a maximum of 10 overs, batters attack from the first ball. T10 offers batters very little time to calm down and requires new methods and an aggressive attitude to produce a solid total on the board, adding to the thrill and adrenaline.

Each side has 45 minutes to complete their quota of 10 overs.

Each bowler gets two overs.

In an innings, no bowler can bowl more than two overs. This leaves bowlers with a limited margin for error and little time to experiment with variations or set up the batters. However, it also means that batsmen have fewer chances to attack a specific bowler and gain runs, resulting in a more even fight between the batting and bowling sides.

Maximum overs in T10 format

If it rains or there are any interruptions that cause the match to be shortened, the result can still be determined as long as each side plays 5 overs.

Powerplay for 3 overs

Field restrictions are used to make the game more intriguing by allowing batters to unleash their muscles early in the game. The bowling side can only use two fielders outside the 30-yard circle in the first two overs.

Furthermore, from the third through the ninth over, another powerplay, known as the floating powerplay, can be taken at the discretion of the batsmen at the crease.

Up to five fielders can be placed outside the 30-yard circle in non-powerplay overs.

Super Over

If a playoff match – Qualifier and Eliminator – and the Final tie, there will be a Super Over to break the tie. With two wickets in hand, each team will have one over to score as many runs as possible. The team with the most runs in their allotted six balls wins the game.

In case the Super Over in a playoff match ends in a draw, the team that finished higher in the group stages is proclaimed the winner. The Final, on the other hand, will feature Super Overs until a champion is determined.

List of all T10 league

Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi T10 League2017–present
QatarQatar T10 League2019–present
EuropeEuropean Cricket League— –present
West IndiesThe 6ixty2022–present
Sri LankaLanka T10 League2023–present
KenyaAfrica T102023–present
ZimbabweZim Afro T102023–present
USAUS Masters T10 League2024–present
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Difference between other formats of cricket

T10 cricket is significantly shorter than other cricket formats; the shortest format of international cricket is T20 cricket, which consists of 20 overs per side and lasts around 3 hours. Because of its short length, the emphasis is on quick scoring and hitting boundaries.

There have been various positive and negative reactions to T10 cricket, all largely pertaining to the shortness of the format.

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